Related Blogs

Related Blogs

Title: Queer United

About: “Queers United is the blog uniting the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersexual, & Asexual communities in an effort of education and activism on issues of importance to sexual/gender minorities.

We believe in the vision and greatness of former civil rights leaders like Martin Luther King J.R., Mahatmas Gandhi, and those who seek to topple oppression through activism and non-violence.

The blog will seek to put out action alerts to hold those who have a homophobic, transphobic, or deal unfairly with the LGBTQAI community responsible for their unfair and discriminatory actions.

It is our belief that through a united voice of all sexual/gender minorities that we can be a powerful force to lobby with and to bring equality to all! “(


Title: Exploring Intimacy: What’s Your Pleasure?

About: “In a world filled with sex blogs, Exploring Intimacy offers something unique: a sex positive approach from highly trained authors focused on emotional, relational and physical aspects of pleasure. Ruth, who makes most posts and invites/interviews guest bloggers, hunts through piles of popular news and research in order to find the grains of happy information. Her goal is to work toward balancing out the rampant doom-and-gloom attitude so prevalent in the sexual health and well-being news. Plus, she offers original reviews of sexually related stores, events and products. This blog is a labor of love (and pleasure) and is not sponsored by anyone, but if any such relationship develops it will be clearly disclosed here and on any relevant posts.

Exploring Intimacy was founded by Ruth Neustifter, MSSW-MFT, and is dedicated to providing sex positive health and well-being information to couples and individuals. What makes Ruth’s work unique is her use of a pleasure framework, which builds on strengths that already exist by focusing on emotional, relational and physical aspects of pleasure. Ruth is specially trained and has been recognized for her work with sexuality and gender queer communities.

Ruth is a doctoral candidate in Family & Child Development, with a certificate in Interdisciplinary Qualitative Research, at the University of Georgia. She carries a BA in psychology from Syracuse University and a masters of science in Social Work with a specialization in Marriage & Family Therapy from the University of Louisville. In the final stages of the certification process to become an AASECT Sexuality Educator, Ruth has presented internationally on her research and outreach. She current offers pleasure workshops at Aphrodite’s Toybox of Atlanta, her local domestic violence shelter, and by private appointment with individuals, couples (triads, etc.), and groups. She is also proud to teach undergrad and graduate level classes and an adjunct instructor.

You can learn more about Ruth, her work, and Exploring Intimacy’s workshops at her professional site . You can also contact her by leaving a comment at any post, dropping her a voice mail (see the “communicate” page at the top) , or emailing ExploringIntimacy (at) gmail (dot) com. Better yet, drop by a workshop!” (


Title: Feministe

About: ” is one of the oldest feminist blogs designed by and run by women from the ground up.

This blog runs on WordPress, is hosted on Powweb, and is currently sporting the Mandigo theme by Tom. The banner illustration was designed by Lauren. We thank the internet gods for the Akismet anti-spam plug-in.” (


Title: Consexual Text

About: This blog, from what I have seen of it, is information on sex. They promote planned parenthood and have random information about sex, such as whether to floss before having oral sex.


Title: Intersex Pride, Alice Dreger and Disorders of Sexual Development, Disorders of Sexual Development (all separate blogs)

About: I think all of these blogs are written by Curtis Hinkle, the creator of the International Intersex Organization. He writes about intersexuality, how Disorders of Sexual Development as a term is offensive to the OII, and various other issues, concerns, and passions. They are all very interesting and informative.



Feel free to leave a comment if you would like your blog on this page or if you know of any related blogs… thanks 😉

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