The other day I discovered a blog about “girl-on-girl culture” which made me laugh and also incredibly excited. This blog is definitely one of the most comprehensive lesbian blogs that covers pop culture, politics, contemporary news, and also has video.

Definitely check it out if you haven’t heard of it before:

The writers also include round-tables where they took about up-to-date feminist topics and also about self-identity (current round table is on intersectionality)


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4 responses to “Autostraddle

  1. nome

    The problem with that site is that it misgenders a lot of trans-masculine/female-assigned-at-birth transfolks A LOT, to the exclusion of trans women, who have much more legitimacy to be on that site.

  2. barnesdm

    Yeah I noticed that…I was reading the article about the Malawi couple. What other examples have you noticed?


    This article is the one to which I am mostly referring.

  4. PS, they’ve also made some adjustments since then, although many of the arguments made still stand.

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