This woman is my new hero: Claire Winter!


After having Claire Winter speak in my Introduction to Gender Studies class I started to become interested in Trans issues and how they affected me and many others. I had read a book The Testosterone Files: My Hormonal and Social Transformation from Female to Male by Max Valerio, which I wasn’t too interested in. That winter I had also read Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides, which was about someone who was intersex. Both of these books along with Claire Winter made me wonder about why I should care about trans issues.

Trans issues are important because they address gender ambiguity even though at times trans people are pushed into a perception of a gender binary in order to gain access to hormones or GRS (genital reassignment surgery). Also, trans existence dismantles the idea that gender is purely a physical phenomena. There is both a brain gender and a body gender.

Since I am probably not the best person to come to to explain trans issues or educate the general public, I will give this amazing resource, TransPortal, Claire’s website, for you to explore and learn more.


This site is purely educational and is not the single site to come to for resources. There are many others, which she provides on her website

.Mission Statement

Transgender Portal exists to provide a starting point and ongoing guide that will assist anyone in the process of educating themselves about the psychology, issues, and various organizations of the transgender community. The main focus of this site is on those persons who know little or nothing about the transgender perspective and want to find out more as clearly and efficiently as possible.

I     It is the specific goal of Transgender Portal to:

p     1) Provide a cross-section of introductory educational materials on-site, and

2     2)to serve as a single inclusive “hub” of links to educational and organizational transgender resources, making all of these more accessible to   anyone who is searching on the internet. ”


What it Provides

  • Transgender sites
  • LGBTQ sites
  • videos on trans topics and about trans people’s lives
  • religion that is inclusive of LGBTQ and trans people
  • education materials such as a glossary, why people can be trans, a manuscript for her new book, etc


I’m hoping that this will provide people with information that is useful : )


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