Good Vibrations


This post is for a  sex shop that provides Sex education along with all of the toys they provide. They provide more of a range of items than more exclusively for heterosexual couples, instead of a place I just encountered called PureRomance. They also provide Sextoy  information, How-tos, shopping guides, erotic anatomy, safe sex info, workshops, info about finding the G-spot, how to clean your toys, etc.They also provide an erotic film festival.

I do not have much information about GoodVibrations, but I recommend that you visit the website for yourself and figure out what its all about. It is the sex shop on the west coast and has been open for 30 years and counting.

The Website

You can order on the website! They provide dildos, sex books, adult dvds, bondage kits, strap-ons, and much more. They have a wide range of toys. Most of the stores are in widely known cities such as San Francisco and Berkeley (and there is a random one in Brookline Massachutsess).

Here is the website:


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