Transgender Sex Reassignment Surgery


I am doing a project for my Medical Anthropology class about Sex Reassignment Surgery. I am doing a mock grant proposal and am trying to find out about the history and the politics surrounding the surgeries. Does anyone know a good resource or know someone who would know about this? 

Also, if you know how many doctors do it currently in the United States that would be a great factoid too. 




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2 responses to “Transgender Sex Reassignment Surgery

  1. Sue

    Books like these would help you a lot, I think. You can order books for free from most libraries through Inter-Library Loan. This is how I borrow a number of books for myself and it’s very easy to do. Here’s a few links to the books from Amazon:

    Principles of Transgender Medicine

    This one, my girlfriend (who is trans) liked quite a bit:

    Also, I’d suggest reading Whipping Girl. It’s an excellent collection of essays about feminism, transgender and other things… Very good:

  2. You might find Mani’s Story at the web site quoted of interest

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