A Town in Oregon Elects the First Openly Transgender Mayor: Stu Rasmussen


How exciting is this? Right after the election was over and Obama (yes!) became the President-elect this article was sent out to one of the listserves I belong to at school. Oregon elected its first trangender mayor: Stu Rasmussen. Stu, according to the article, identifies as a straight man and enjoys dressing up in high heels, a dress, and a wig from time to time.

The Article and Important Quotes

The article covers questions that the news and electors has about Stu. You can read the whole article here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2008/11/09/americas-first-transgende_n_142503.html

“Rasmussen has been a fixture in Silverton politics for more than 20 years, and had twice before been mayor of the small city 45 miles south of Portland. Those terms, however, were before his breast implants and before the once-discreet crossdresser started wearing dresses and 3-inch heels in public.”

Also, another quote from the article:

“I am a dude,” he said. “I am a heterosexual male who appears to be a female.”

His longtime live-in girlfriend, Victoria Sage, told The Oregonian newspaper that she and Rasmussen have been an item for almost 35 years.


Basically this means a change in politics (hopefully…) and I hope that it keeps going on this path for all of the glbtq community. Obama has not spoken much about glbtq issues, though he did not support prop 8, but I still have my dreams set on the HRC (Human Rights Campaign) winning in the end.


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