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Hi all,

As I have noticed over the past few months, one of my most frequently visited pages is the one on Intersex Resources. To those who find the information interesting or identify as being intersex, I have news. I am going abroad next semester to study in Amsterdam, Netherlands and am doing research on the treatment of intersex individuals in the medical field.

Here is my proposal:

Question I want to answer

Upon reading Sexing the Body by Anne Fausto-Sterling I became interested in how society and political beliefs, among many other factors, influence the experimental findings and ideologies of science. One of the main groups of people Fausto-Sterling focuses on, are people who identify as intersexed, to prove a point about how sex identification is a prominent part of human culture. I have been prompted, by Fausto-Sterling, to investigate the treatment of intersexed people further and to propose ideas in which to categorize less and to self-identify more. In conclusion, I want to answer the question of how people who identify as intersexed, both as individuals and as a collective, are medically considered and socially regarded by endocrinologists, neonatalists, and medical students in the surrounding area of Amsterdam.

What method do you want to use?

To go about answering this question I want to interview medical students, neonatalists, endocrinologists, and those who identify as interceded. In addition, I would do historical research about the treatment administered to people who had “ambiguous genitalia” in the past few hundred years.

What I am asking for

I was wondering, if any of you who had any research backgrounds, knew of places I could grants? or…if there are any intersexed individuals out there, that they would be willing to share their stories?


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  1. Try contacting Organisation Intersexualite International.

    We are the worlds largest Intersex organisation


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