Research Questions

Hi all,

This entry is going to be different that all of the ones I have posted so far. I have a big question to ask, or more like a favor. I am doing two research projects concerning transgendered people. The first one is in my language and culture class and the project is going to be examining gender-neutral pronouns in English and how similar they are to gendered pronouns (and what that means). The second one is about hormone therapy, the experience (what happens, what changes, what are you told, how do you get them, support, etc), the medical field, and…Im not quite sure, but mainly transgendered people and getting hormones. If you have any information, personal, political, educational, whatever, send it my way and I would truly appreciate it. I havent been finding a lot of information of either (more so on hormone therapy, not much about pronouns) so any information you have would be much appreciated.

Thanks for your help!



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