Mel’s Diner


I stumbled on this, sort of by accident, as I was exploring this site, quite wonderfully titled “the gay agenda”, and discovered history in the making. On September 29th, 1976, a sitcom called “Mel’s Diner” aired a controversial episode just as the gay liberation movement started. Two people go out on a date, Alice (played by Linda Lavin) goes on a date with Mel’s longtime friend Jack, a former football player, to find out at he’s gay.

There’s a New Girl in Town & a Gay Man Too The scene goes like this:

“Alice, you’re a wonderful person…”

“That follows with a but..Married?”






“I’ve run out of things to say after the but.”

“…but I’m gay”

…and then she stares at Jeff. I probably didnt get the script word for word, but I think you get the general idea. This scene is particularly important because Alice approaches Jack’s confession with acceptance.

To watch this video, go to this site:


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