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The American Institute of Bisexuality was founded by Fritz Klein, whose biography was presented in one of my previous publications, The Klein Grid. Biphobia, or rather bisexual exclusion, discrimination, and harassment is prevalent among every population. The queer community, or some people who I have met, come from the opinion that bisexual people should “choose”. This opinion and sometimes exclusion of bisexual people both in the heterosexual community and the queer community leads to it becoming invisible, people not mentioning it for fear of exclusion. This is why I am presented this Institution, Klein paved a way, possibly, for acceptance and exploration.

The Goals

“The American Institute of Bisexuality encourages, supports and assists research and education about bisexuality, through programs likely to make a material difference and enhance public knowledge, awareness and understanding about bisexuality.

Founded by Dr. Fritz Klein in 1998, the goals of AIB are:

  • To educate the general public, civic and professional organizations on bisexuality and the needs and concerns of bisexually oriented people;
  • Promote and fund research on bisexuality;
  • Sponsor and organize conferences, public forums, panels, social and cultural activities that increase understanding about bisexuality.” (

The Bisexual Option

“Originally published in 1993, written by Fritz Klein and still published by Haworth Press, The Bisexual Option not only offers an in depth exploration and a detailed overview of bisexuality and an explanation of the bisexual, but it also shatters many commonly held myths about this mostly “unseen” but in reality very prevalent segment of society.

Now in its second edition, this intriguing book gives an overview of bisexuality. The publisher, Haworth Press, says that “there is still no book that covers the subject like this one, it is must reading for establishing a contemporary view of bisexuality and those committed to a bisexual lifestyle.”

This well-written book is a must-read for anyone struggling, as I have, with bisexuality. It is hopeful, insightful, and very liberating. Dr. Klein presents an engaging balance of theory, research, and case examples. This is a very real and honest presentation of bisexuality.
-A Reader

The book is divided into three “parts”. Part One, entitled, “What Is Bisexuality?” begins with the first chapter entitled “The Threat” by discussing the reality that many homosexuals and heterosexuals view the bisexual as a “threat” and goes on to dicuss the myth of the “non existence” of bisexuals still held by many in society and the sense of “either/or”.

Chapter Two moves on towards a definition of bisexuality, as the various dimensions, facets, and aspects of the bisexual’s definition are given and The Klein Sexual Orientation Grid is explained in detial. An analysis of cultural and biological factors of sexual orientation is also presented.

Chapter Three offers a discussion and study of bisexual intimacy, beginning with the differences in between sexual and emotional intimacy, and the connection between intimacy and hetero- and homophobia, including a profile of a heterosexual male who is able to be emotionally intimate with men. Chapter Four offers a new look at and an explanation of the of the Oedipus complex and the view that both homosexuals and bisexuals are able to resolve it successfully, accompanied by an example showing how one bisexual male has resolved it.

An outstanding contribution to our understanding of human sexuality. This updated edition of The Bisexual Option remains the most well-written and definitive book on the subject of bisexuality. Dr. Klein replaces mythology and ignorance with scientific insight and knowledge.

Part Two, “Bisexuality and Health“, is comprised of the next three chapters, which detail the differences between “The Healthy Bisexual” and “The Troubled Bisexual”. This begins with a definition of neurosis and the various types of troubled bisexuals, as well as the healthy functioning of the bisexual and then offers profiles of four troubled male and female bisexuals and three healthy male and female bisexuals.

The last three chapters form Part Three, “The Bisexual In Society“. Chapter Eight, “Sociological Findings” offers further discussion of the mistrust and misunderstanding of the bisexual by the heterosexual and homosexual communities and Chapter Nine, “The Bisexual In History And The Arts” will lay to rest any thoughts off bisexuality being something “new” as it gives a list of famous bisexuals both past and present including profiles of Alexander the Great, Oscar Wilde, Somerset Maugham, and Colette as well as a review of Greek civilization and the Bloomsbury Group. A list of examples as well as a discussion of three works in which the bisexual “ideal” and “truth” are portrayed is also given.

The tenth and final chapter regarding “The Bisexual Future” is a discussion of nine factors influencing bisexuality: AIDS, sex roles and stereotypes, androgyny, friendship and lovers, family, “gay lib,” the women’s movement and feminism, myths, and dilemmas. The book also offers 2 Appendices, “The Bisexual As Portayed In The Arts”, the results of a Bisexual Survey, and a full Bibliography.” (


Journal Of Bisexuality

Journal Of Bisexuality

Edited by Johnathan Alexander, PhD

The Journal of Bisexuality is the first professional quarterly to publish both professional articles and serious essays on bisexuality and its meaning for the individual, the community, and society. With its wide audience scope and the range of issues discussed, the Journal of Bisexuality is ideal for both academic and public libraries that want to offer their patrons the latest information on the topic of bisexuality. Book and movie reviews cover bisexual lead characters from every era. Special thematic issues cover topics singularly. Sponsored by AIB, the journal covers a wide range of topics on bisexuality including:

  • new bisexual research
  • bisexual issues in therapy
  • differences from the heterosexual, lesbian and gay communities
  • growth of the bisexual movement
  • bisexuality and the media
  • bisexual history
  • different bisexual lifestyles
  • bisexuality and marriage
  • bisexuality and polyamory
  • bisexuality and the transgender communities

<!–To order the Journal:



BiMagazine is an innovative global online magazine that advocates increased understanding and visibility for bisexuality by featuring the creative work about bisexuality. Fine art, creative writing, poetry, music, film and theater reviews all either created by talented bisexuals or about the subject of bisexuals. is a project of the American Institute of Bisexuality” (


Something that is important when considering talking to a therapist is knowing that will be safe talking to them about sexuality (at least, that is how I have encountered therapy…its different for everyone). To read more about this therapy, finding a therapist who is bisexually aware, and bisexual aware organizations, look further into this website:

Here are some of the reasons why to seek someone who is a bisexual aware professional and the definition of one:

Why seek a Bisexuality-Aware Professional?

  • Bisexuals are often inaccurately perceived as a subcategory of the gay and lesbian community, when in fact we have different social, legal and health concerns. Bisexuality-Aware Professionals are knowledgeable about these concerns, and they provide services which take bisexual folks’ particular needs into account.
  • Bisexuals sometimes face discrimination within the gay, lesbian and straight communities, and it can be important to work with a professional who is friendly and welcoming towards bisexual clientele.

What qualifies a professional as “Bisexuality-Aware?”

  • The professionals who have chosen to list themselves in this directory have all stated to the directory coordinator that they meet at least 3 of the following criteria for bisexuality-awareness:
    • Believes that bisexuality is a valid lifestyle and is welcoming towards bisexual people
    • Knows of several ways in which bisexuals’ concerns differ from gays’ and lesbians’ concerns
    • Is an active participant in bisexual community events or forums
    • Has read 3 or more professional books or journal articles on bisexuality
    • Has attended a professional workshop on the concerns of bisexual people
    • Has worked professionally with several bisexual clientele in the past
    • Has organized bisexually oriented support or social groups or workshops
    • Has given lectures on bisexuality
    • Has written articles or books on bisexuality” (

Contact Them

Resources (some also included under Links)

This site provides online resources for bisexual support groups, for bisexual supportive spiritual congregations, general information and many other valuable resources:


Bisexual Resource Center:

BiNet USA:

Bay Area Bisexual Network:

Bisexual Health:



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