I discovered this site via a friend who told me I would be interested in it. On the website (, I found their vision, what they provide, a calendar, and their education services.

According to Wikipedia, this is the information provided about the organization in San Francisco:

OneTaste is a communal society that promotes individual wellbeing through “orgasmic meditation” and other activities in the neotantra tradition. The society, found by Nicole Daedone in 2001, has “urban retreat” centers in San Francisco and New York where several dozen members live full or part-time.[1] With the self-described goal of “helping individuals live full, integrated and conscious lives,” the group also offers workshops to the public in communication, relationship dynamics, and personal growth. OneTaste’s precepts state that we all want the same thing: to love and be loved, to see and be seen, to feel connected and to know one’s purpose.” (

OneTaste’s goal can be found on the website:

OneTaste is about connection. Our people are experiential researchers who have dedicated their lives to understanding the nature of relationships, the meaning of intimacy, and the richness of connection. Our centers in San Francisco and New York are oases, urban communal retreats where we welcome you as a friend, and provide a range of services that nourish your body, your mind, and your spirit. Our signature classes in “Connected Living” will move you into deeper levels of awareness, help you see and feel the people in your lives clearly, and find you the relationships you want and so richly deserve. Our growing online community connects you to others seeking the richness of a connected life, whether they live across town or on the other side of the globe. Founded in 2004, OneTaste is a unique experience, an experiential research laboratory open to the public, an open experiment in connectedness, and a welcome forum for anyone seeking meaning in friendship, love or intimacy. Come experience OneTaste for yourself”


OneTaste San Francisco
1074 Folsom Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
415 503-1100

OneTaste New York
196 Grand Street
New York, NY 10013
212 343-4208

What they offer

Education: (

Chat rooms and connection : (

Y. Now:

“…is the beginning of a global cultural shift in the Y-generation. We demonstrate and teach a new paradigm of conscious and playful connection as a way of being in relationship. Our goal is to be present in our bodies, conscious in our intentions and honest in all our interactions.

Connection as a practice is the primary goal of all our events, workshops and online social networking. “ (

Y. Now, as seen when you go to the link, has such events as cuddle parties, automated lectures, in-groups, naked yoga, and a “play” course (not sure what that is…)


Calendar of events: (


From reviews I have found on a review site, they claim that OneTaste ranges from being a cult, orgy, a spa, telemarketing about whether you are achieving spiritual orgasms with your partner, and to having amazing naked yoga. Apparently, OneTaste is way more than it appears to be from its website which is a cheerful “fostering of connective relationships”.

Most of the reviews are biased, reflect that they do not like the place, just go for the yoga, or have had positive interactions with community building.

All of the reviews that I checked out were from (

These two are the one that I thought reflected it the most, though I haven’t been there.

The first one is from Dan C. of San Francisco California and the second one from Doc D. of San Francisco California.

“I went here to see a presentation by a former prostitute and porn star. I thought it would be interesting to hear the story of someone in that line of work. She didn’t really talk about her career. Instead she talked about orgasms. She really stretched the definition of the word. It seemed like you could call anything an orgasm if you wanted to. Then she led an exercise where you lie on your back and move your hands around while breathing heavily. This was supposed to produce an orgasm but since there would be no um, output, I guess this was another special use of the word.

I studied mechanical engineering in college. I wrote software as a living. I only make decisions when I have concrete justifications backed up with data. If I have a headache, I take a pharmaceutical that affects the chemical reactions in my head and the headache goes away. I believe what I can see or what other people can see with their expensive microscopes.

So, I desperately want to be able to see things the way the One Taste sort of people see things because they seem pretty happy. I even went to burning man last year in hopes of ‘getting it’. But I don’t get it. All the talk about “energy” moving around in your body just doesn’t get through to me. One of the people running the presentation even remarked how scientists were identifying hormone secretion centers in the parts of the body purported as “energy chakras”, but this didn’t seem to change her belief in these non-physiological constructs.

I envy you, One Taste people. You seem very happy in your woo woo world, and your women are beautiful, horny, and not ashamed of it or frigid. It is always good to see revolutionary ideas in action and, judging by the testimonials, the women who go here seem to be much happier. It seems like One Taste activities elevate the status of women in relationships at the expense of the status of men in relationships. I hope that I’m wrong about that. It would be nice if neither role had to be second class, but perhaps that’s impossible.”

“Little more than a cult that uses sex as a lure. They charge $2,000 A WEEK to be resident there…oh, unless you’re a girl who can provide other ‘services’. Having spoken in depth about their business plan with their CEO (which gives me an insight few others have), I can tell you for certain the aim is to encourage lonely horny men to part with considerable sums of money, whilst cloaking it all in a New Age aura of raising self-awareness through intimate (read: sexual) contact. A phrase that stuck in my mind was “It’d be nice to be the Starbucks of the world of sensuality (i.e. a branch of OneTaste on every corner) but we’ll settle for being the Peets Coffee”. Last time I checked they had some 60 folks resident there, and were opening a branch in New York. If only half the residents pay full price…well, you do the math. Add to that the charges for massage, orgasmic healing, etc and you can see what a nice little earner the owners of the holding company are onto. Don’t be fooled by the “non-profit” – all that means is that a business cannot have residual money at the end of the tax year…so if you have $100K left in the bank, you have to spend it somehow or reinvest in the business. Non-profits DO pay their staff, and can give bonuses, and do all kinds of things that can make the people that run them very comfortable in their lives.

As for being a cult…I’d certainly say so, in regard to how they go about recruiting new blood, and how they discourage them from leaving, not to mention they prey on folks who could use some genuine psychotherapy. None of the leaders of OneTaste have any kind of psychotheraputic training as far as I can tell, yet they make broad claims as to how they can turn around the lives of people through sex, some of whom are obviously in a vulnerable place psychologically.

Its a shame, because they do have speakers there who are independent of the place who DO offer valuable insights and training in many areas of human sexuality. To me, it is like a worthy venture that has been perverted by the pursuit of money.”


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